Conference programme


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Arts Building 

12.30-1.30 Registration (Foyer)

1.30-1.45 Opening comments

1.45-3.15 Parallel sessions

Arts Building Seminar Room 1

Katie Muth: ‘The Periodic Imagination’ muth

Leigh Wilson: ‘The Contemporary and the function of fiction: Frank Kermode’s The Sense of an Ending’ LeighWilson

Elodie Laügt: ‘Contemporary with whom? Being-with and missed encounters (Nancy, Macher and Saint-Amant)’  Laügt

Seminar Room 4 (panel) 


Harry Weeks: ‘Atemporality, Community and Experience in Participatory Art Practices’

Alistair Rider: ‘Painting up to the present’

Kirsten Lloyd: ‘Care Machines: Documenting the Durational Art Encounter’


3.45-4.45 Round Table: Practising, Transmitting and Curating the

Contemporary (Lecture Theatre)

Annouchka Bayley; Joe Brooker; Diana Sykes

5.15-6.15 Plenary 1 Lecture Theatre: Professeur Lionel Ruffel Lionel Ruffel



Lecture Theatre


Duncan Kennedy: ‘Coming to terms with the contemporary’  Kennedy

Bran Nicol: ‘Living in the Afterlife: Contemporary Fiction Post Postmodernism’ Nicol

Ronnie Ferguson: ‘Parallel convergences. The historical semantics of ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’  Ferguson

11.00-12.30pm Parallel sessions

Seminar Room 1

Alice Crawford: ‘All in Good Time: Practising the Contemporary in the Library World’  Crawford

Helen Slaney: ‘Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers’ Slaney (paper read by Colette Lawson in Helen’s absence)

Rebecca Dolgoy: ‘Voids, Ruptures, and Ruins: Turn of the Century Museums and Memory In Berlin’ Dolgoy

Seminar Room 4

Rebecca Pohl: ‘”When the sense of familiarity becomes too great”: Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Writing and the Canon’  Pohl

Robert Wilson: ‘Canons and Classics: Posterity and the Post-contemporary’ Wilson

Saeed Talajooy: ‘Contemporary Literature and Contemporary Canon Formation in Post-Revolution Iran’ Talajooy

1.45- 3.15 Lecture Theatre

Peter Childs: ‘The Contemporary Past: 21st-Century Literature and Recent Heritage’PChilds

Charles Wilson: ‘Immer neu? Negotiating the Contemporary in Contemporary Music’  CharlesWilson

Julika Griem: ‘How to make sense of contemporary oeuvre: the case of the author’s monograph’ Griem

3.45-5.15 Parallel sessions

Seminar Room 1

Léa Vuong: ‘Keeping out: Presence through absence in contemporary French literature’  Vuong

Erika Fülöp: ‘Circumscribing the Contemporary: Reflections on Method’ Fulop

Fabio Caiani & Catherine Cobham: ‘The Arab Contemporary: the Imagery of Muhammad Khudayyir’ Cobham&Caiani

Seminar Room 4: Panel ‘Contemporary Art: object, hybridity and experience’


Dominique Sirois-Rouleau: ‘Object’

Maryse Larivière: ‘Hybridity’

Catherine Nadon: ‘Experience’

5.30-6.30 Plenary 2 Lecture Theatre: Prof Jim English  Jim English



9.30-10.30 Plenary 3 Lecture Theatre: Dr Armand d’Angour  Armand D’Angour

11.00-12.30 Parallel sessions

Seminar Room 1

Tom Rollings: ‘The concept of “the contemporary” as a category of censorship in Russia’  Rollings

Kaisa Kaakinen: ‘Peter Weiss, W G Sebald and the Pressure of the Present’  Kaakinen

Zoe Roth: ‘The alternative archive: constructing cultural memory of the Holocaust, colonialism and slavery in the present’ Roth

Seminar Room 4

Derek Duncan: ‘Queer connections and chrononormativity of the contemporary’Duncan

Michael White: ‘“Der Bannerspruch der neuen Kunst […] ist Wahrheit”. On the Relationship between Literary Innovation and Truth in Modernity’ White

Marion Dalvai: ‘Translating Contemporary Literature: Opportunities and Challenges’ Dalvai

2-3.30 parallel sessions

Seminar Room 1

Áine Larkin: ‘Murdering Proust’s Characters in Anne F. Garréta’s La Décomposition’  Larkin

Xiaoxi Zhang: ‘Novel, Journey and Stranger: A “Novelized Reading” of Journey to the West’ Xiaoxi

Colette Lawson: ‘Cultural Memory in the Youtube age: the Case of Hitler in Germany’ Lawson

Seminar Room 4

Giulio Giadrossi: ‘Snapshots of the present: photography’s ontology as contemporaneity symbolic form from Renaissance to present’ Giadrossi

Nina Gerlach: ‘Intericonicity and Online Video Art or How Contemporary Art is Inventing Itself?’  Gerlach

Chu-Chiun Wei: ‘Adjusting Temporality in Art History: Contemporaneity, Globalism and Identity in Contemporary Taiwanese Art’  Wei